Oct 7, 2011



I am flying by the seat de mi vestido este semana porque yo no escribio alguna cosas down... that's awful spanglish - sorry!

This week was awesome as usual - so many things go on here that it really feels like it's been a month since I've emailed, but then it feels like it's gone so fast - my sense of time is totally messed up :)

Entonces, the most important thing that happened in the last week was GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! I have always enjoyed general conference - sometimes I get more out of it than others. This time round I feel like I got a little too much out of it - I found SO many things that I need to do better, but it was also very uplifting and inspiring for me as well. The sessions were broadcast in the gym and in the overflows in 1M but our district wanted to try something else out - so we streamed it live online in our classroom. It was AWESOME!! We probably weren't really supposed to - but we got to sit in much comfier seats, we got to take bathroom breaks, and we could have food! It was awesome! I was worried that we would get really off task, but we did a super good job of paying attention and not distracting other people. We also had some pretty good discussions going on in between sessions.

My very favorite talk (besides Pres. Uchtdorf's amazing Relief Society talk about "forget-me-nots") as actually one that was given by one of the seventy - Elder Carl B. Cook. He talked about how President Monson counseled him to look up - that's something that has been on my mind a lot lately. When we have the faith to look up, metaphorically and literally, we can see such a grand picture of why we are here and how we can be better instead of wallowing in the here and now and the "why can't I just be perfect" I LOVED that talk - it was simple and straightforward yet is something that I could spend the rest of my life learning about. I love general conference.

I love my district - it's just like we get to hang out with our best friends all day. Granted, we have to study and learn together. We sometimes get frustrated with each other (just like real friends do), but we all get along pretty well. We always are one of the last districts to leave to go to bed every night because we just enjoy being in each other's company a little too much sometimes.

This week we played EXTREME VERB BALL!! I think I told you about verb ball last week. This week we spontaneously created a new game that just involves throwing the balls as fast as we can, but we just have to think of a verb before we can. There's no point system, and really no point to the game at all, but it helps us relax and just have fun - it kind of morphed into just spouting off random Spanish words.  "Invitar!"   "Venir!"  "Ultimos Dias!" "Perfect!"  "Imperfect!"  It probably wasn't the most effective learning experience - oh well. We live and learn.

On a more serious note, we have had some great success with our "investigators." Our investigator who has had the drinking problem is also not legally married - surprise! It's a common thing for Latin Americans to say that they're married when really they just get together. So, his baptism is set for sometime next week, we're not changing it and we'll see if he is married by then. If not, then we may have to "change his baptismal date." We have another investigator who is SO interested in the  church - we had a fabulous lesson with him on Wednesday in which he expressed the desire to tell his family all about what he's been learning - he even wants all of them to be baptized. how great is that?! We also got 2 more investigators - played members of district. It's really fun to get to play an investigator - it's very eye opening and helps me see what I can improve on as a missionary.

The Hermanas in our room - Hermana Hart, Hermana Barbosa, and Hermana Young, are leaving on Tuesday!! What?! Hermana Hart (Corazon) is such a sweet heart. She has an amazingly strong  testimony and is so great at leading by example instead of always telling people what to do. Hermana Barbosa is kind of like my twin in our sets of 3-somes. She is the one that is a little more reserved, but she is super sweet when you get to know her. She has given me precious advice many times. Hermana Young is a running buddy! She loves to work out in the mornings and whenever I go work out at 6:00 in the morning, it's with her. I've enjoyed the conversations we've had about teaching (she has taught 1st grade for the last two years). They are all going to different parts of Chile. I feel like I'm really going to miss them a lot - they have such a good kind spirit about them. They know how to laugh with each other and how to take care of one another and take care of us when we need an extra pick-me-up. Hopefully they will travel safe and we'll get to keep in touch.

Strange realization - We lost a district this week, the Hermanas and their district are leaving next week, we lose one more after that and then...it's our turn!! What?!?! This time has gone by WAY too fast!! I certainly need to step-up my Spanish studying if I want to be able to say anything in Spanish.

I talked to a girl, Hermana Sheridan, who is actually from the Boston area. She said that the mission is tough - people aren't super friendly if you don't already know them. It makes me a little bit scared - I'm not super outgoing to begin with. Hopefully I will learn how to relate to people quickly in order to have opportunities to share what we have with them.

A mission is tough, but it is rewarding. I know that I need to be here in order to grow - I look back on what I was a couple months ago and I already feel like I have grown so much spiritually and mentally. I know that these next 17 months aren't going to be a piece of cake, but with my heart inclined toward the Lord, I am going to face them with determination and love. I'm so grateful to be serving a mission.

I love you from now until always!

Mucho amor!

Hermana Palmer

P.S. I could still use some letters - I haven't heard from very many people this week and I would love to hear from more of you :) Loves!

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