Jan 3, 2012

Feliz ano nuevo!!

Hola familia!
It's 2012!!! It's so weird to think that just a few years ago it wasn't even 2000 yet and the whole 20 verses 19 thing seemed super weird to me. Now it seems super normal...which is weird! Call me crazy...
Well, for new years we passed the day like any old other day. We actually contacted/tracted a LOT and it went really well because a lot of people were home and were happy because they had the day off of work. We even got invited in a couple times because people felt bad for us that it was so chilly out :)
We did eat breakfast with la familia Sxxxx on New Year's Eve- they seem to love to invite us over lately. Maybe it's just because it's the holidays. They were the family that destroyed our stomaches with the corned beef and cabbage. We thought we were pretty safe since we were just going for breakfast...I don't know if all Columbians eat like they do, but we still got SO much food!! Changua (I am not sure on the spelling) is apparently a native breakfast dish - hot milk, cheese (we had parmasan but you can have any kind), bread, hard boiled eggs, and a little cilantro on top. I love the Saenz's but I have a hard time with soggy textures and there were like 5 slices of french bread that had been saturated...it was kind of hard to choke down at first, but after a while it wasn't too bad. THEN Hno. Sxxxx brought out fried eggs with more bread. THEN he also brought out hot chocolate and this white cheese that's pretty dry that is actually really good when you put it in the hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate was really bitter but super delicious - it was just super hard to get to go down because we had already had so much food! They must think we are starving all the time or something. We have another meal with them tomorrow...wish me luck.
I feel like the work is really picking up and I think it's because Hermana Hales and I have been trying really hard to be exactly obedient. I'm not generally a big fan of this, but in all reality it wasn't until we consciously started striving for obedience that we've had a lot of cool experiences. One of them being that we contacted into a member who had moved here from South Carolina and hadn't been able to figure out how to contact someone in our ward so she could come to church. We got her a ride and she was totally there this last Sunday! Also, Dxxxx, Fxxxxxx, and Gxxxxxx came to church on Sunday and seemed to have a really good experience. Granted, we still have some rough times. Dxxxxx (had a baptismal date that's coming up really rapidly) hasn't had time to meet with us for 2 weeks. Poor thing has been working 10-12 hour shifts at a temporary job she has. I am praying every day that she will have the time and energy to want to meet with us.
Yesterday on our p-day we took a jaunt over to Salem with the other sisters (Hna. Hildenbrand and Jardin). It was pretty fun :) There was a cool museum that we kind of wanted to visit but it was closed and all the other witch-themed stores and shops seemed uber creepy so we didn't actually do much witch sight-seeing but we explored a bunch of cute little shops and antique places and got to roam the streets of salem for the afternoon.
Today we're on exchanges! Sister Hales didn't think that they did this with the sisters very often, but they decided to do it and I'm having a super great time with Hermana Jardin. We had a really awesome companionship study and we have a first lesson with a girl we tracted into last Tuesday - I'm SUPER excited for this lesson because this girl, Bxxxxx, just seemed super open and interested and willing to make changes. I really hope she keeps the appointment and that it goes well. I will update you in a week.
So much to write and so little time. I wish you could all be here experiencing all the cool things here in Massachusetts that I get to experience as a missionary. It's hard work, but it's becoming very rewarding all at the same time.
Hermana Palmer

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