Feb 6, 2012

Another week in Swampscott...but I call it paradise :)

This week has been delish :)

The Lynn branch is pretty awesome. They could totally be a ward if they would just get the less-active and inactive members to church. So, a lot of our work, as I have found out this week, is with members. Our big success-story has been with a member who came to church out of the blue last week for the first time in a while.   We were really excited to see her at church last week so we set up an appointment with here the following Tuesday. Tuesday came, we went to her house, but she wasn't there. We left a note with her daughter and went on our merry way to tract in the cold. We were in her area again on Wednesday or Thursday and so we thought we'd drop by to see if she was home. The same daughter answered the door but her mom was busy at the moment and couldn't come to the door. So, we left and visited some other people we had been planning to visit. We were rather disheartened by the turn of events, but it's nothing new. It happens to us on a regular basis that people don't keep appointments with and then we can't get back in contact with them.

So, Friday night we were going to a lesson with two of our investigators that fell through. As we were deciding what to do instead, we got a phone call from an unrecognized number. Usually Hna. Hildenbrand refuses to pick it up for un-recognized numbers because of a former investigator that still keeps calling...long story. But I really felt like we needed to answer. So, I did and it was Hna. Xxxxxx! The same Hna. Xxxxxxx that we had been trying to get in touch with. It turns out she lost our phone number and had to call around to get it to tell us she was so sorry for missing the appointment. She's taking a U.S. History class every Tuesday night that she had forgotten about. We came and met with her on Saturday and it turns out she is quite the "Bromista" (someone who teases and jokes a lot). She kept trying to trip us up on our Spanish, and told all sorts of stories of her tricking missionaries into thinking she was a non-member and giving them all sorts of grief about not believing in the Book of Mormon because we worship Joseph Smith and all that nonsense. She's quite tricky :) But, we got to know her pretty well and, what do you know, she came to church again yesterday and participated more than the whole relief society put together during our member missionary work lesson we taught. It was awesome! I really hope that her coming to church becomes a pattern.

Yesterday, during the Super Bowl, we were at a loss as to what we should do. We tried knocking doors, but everybody who answered was very rushed and all decked out in their Patriot's gear. They were cordial, but they certainly didn't want to talk to missionaries as the game was getting ready to start in the next hour or so. So, we did a little street contacting and luckily had a dinner appointment with the Xxxxx. They are the best! They live on the second floor of our building and like to have us over on Sunday nights for dinner. They are a young couple that are called to serve in the branch. They have an adorable little boy. They are Aggie alumni and Xxxx actually did the two-year piano pedagogy program right before they did away with it so we had a wonderful chat about our former lives as USU piano majors.

Well, we have to head off to Santarpio's to get pizza. If anyone has any ideas of fun touristy or non-touristy things to do in the greater boston area, we would love to hear them :) I think we'll try Harvard next week.

Loves to all!
-Hermana Palmer

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