Feb 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun! I feel like I've only been in this area for 3 days and it's already been 3 weeks! I don't understand how time can be so tricky sometimes.
Sad news, I was talking to Sister Hales at Zone Conference this last week and they haven't been able to track down Dxxxxx anywhere since I left Revere. How sad! She was SO close to getting baptized too!! I really hope she turns up somewhere.
Pizza at Santarpio's last week was DELISH!!! It's such a dumpy little hole-in the wall with the waiter yelling in his "Bawstun" accent but the pizza is super famous in E. Boston and for a good reason. I ate my half of the pizza rather quickly :)
We're honestly having a hard time getting our investigators progressing right now. We only have 6 or 7 investigators and we're having a hard time contacting some of them and with the rest, they just seem to think they are so busy that there is absolutely no time to do any of the things we ask them. It's disheartening sometimes, but I just remember that we're planting lots of seeds and even if some of them don't blossom right now, they're there - ready to grow if they'll just feed it.
We had zone conference last Thursday with 2 other zones in Cambridge. The Cambridge chapel is SO cool! The parking garage is below the church and then there are three levels upstairs. One level is all classrooms, one is the chapel and cultural hall and I think on the third there's another Chapel (we didn't go up there at all). It's always really fun to get to meet new missionaries and see our whole zone again. This transfer we're having to get to know a lot of new missionaries in our zone because ours got really shook up with transfers.
Anyway, the conference was awesome! The focus really was on baptism and making sure that the people we're teaching know that's why we're there. It's something so simple, but something that I forget to bring up in the first lesson so many times. The other focus was on personal worthiness and really striving to do the best we can. We've really tried implementing what President Evans said about talking about baptism so we've been doing that for the last few days and it has been changing our teaching for the better left and right. We had an appointment with Bxxxxxx on Friday - her daughter Cxxxxxxx is a member but semi-inactive and her mom got all the missionary lessons with her daughter and has heard all of them three times but just didn't feel ready to get baptized with her daughter. So, in our lesson we really talked about baptism with her and how it can bless her life. She said that she would like to get baptized - she just still seems to think she needs to know everything beforehand. We're going to keep working with her to set a date and really try to help her progress.
Our branch is great :) We got invited to the relief society activity on Saturday and we learned how to make Biscocho (Dominican way to say pastel which means cake. It was DELICIOUS!! It's also really complex. So, for the class this Saturday we're supposed to make the cake and bring it to learn to decorate it...but I think we're just going to buy a mix today because it took way too much time (and Hna. Lxxxxxxx used a mug to measure all the ingredients - I don't know if I'm that comfortable eye-balling it haha!
Tomorrow is Valentines day - I hope you know that I LOVE YOU!!!
Mucho Amor!
-Hermana Palmer

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