Jul 24, 2012


Well, today my thoughts and my prayers are definitely very focused on my very dear family. I'm so grateful that we've been blessed with the knowledge of the gospel. I'm grateful that as a family we are trying to be worthy to obtain eternal life together someday. It is that knowledge that I have that it is keeping me going. It is spurring me on. It is super sad to know that in this mortal life I will never again see my dear Grandpa Fran, but I know that God's plan is perfect. As we obey the commandments and press forward with faith we can obtain that promised eternal life. I am so grateful for that. More grateful than I will ever be able to express in words.

This week has been pretty good. I've been learning a lot and getting to know my Companions better. Sister Figueredo is really trying to help me get to the level of Spanish that I want to be at - she made a deal with me that if I will help her find some Portuguese investigators that she would promise not to speak English to me. I also have to speak Spanish (or Portuguese, which she's trying to teach me) all the time in return. It hasn't worked 100% just yet, but I'm speaking a lot more Spanish than I used to. I've even started writing in my journal in spanish (my poor grandchildren who will want to read it someday...I guess they will just have to learn :)

This last Sunday Gaby wasn't supposed to be able to come to church because she had to work. But she didn't realize that the bus doesn't come around until 12 on Sundays and she doesn't have a car right now. So, she called her boss and he told her to just not worry about it - so she ran home, changed, and came to church! She came late but she came! She really is making changes in her life and I'm super excited for her! She even got her temple recommend to be able to go do baptisms this Sunday with the ward. Woot!

Life is good in general. I love the Gospel and I super dee duperly love my family! they are the best!! (Maybe I'm a little biased...)

-Sister Palmer

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