May 19, 2012

Mother's Day

Oh my dear family!! It was so delightful to see your faces yesterday! Happy Late Mother's Day to all those mothers out there who I didn't get to personally thank. I sure love all the mothers in my life! First and foremost my own mother, and my grandmothers, and aunts and friends, etc. You're all AWESOME! It really does require so much sacrifice and love for mothers to do what they do.
I am so blessed to feel like I even have a few moms here. I have gotten really close with a lot of the members her in the Lynn Branch. Yesterday was a really special day at church because I got to thank all of them and the Elder's Quorum put on a HUGE Mother's Day Luncheon after church. When they got all the food set out, I was quite certain that there was no way we could eat all of it...but we did. There really wasn't even enough for seconds. Hispanic people have very healthy appetites :) It was super delish though. We had chicken, rice and beans (these come with almost every hispanic meal), and some yummy fruit/pasta salads, plantains, and it was all topped off with some cake and ice cream. Good stuff!
This week Sister Hildenbrand and I have been having a good ole time. We just crack each other up at every little thing. It makes the work a lot more fun and we're getting to know one another even better each day. The other day I said the name of the street and it sounded to my companion like I said, "We'll have to cancel" just out of the blue. So I followed it up with, "wouldn't it be funny if I decided to just start randomly yelling out phrases?" So...that's we did for a few minutes straight in the car on the way to our next appointment. We had each other laughing SO hard!
Rosa, our investigator, is doing really well! She came to church again and brought her inactive brother and his family too :) We're really excited to see just how many people she can get to come to church - she's already started inviting her children and other people she knows. She's the best!
Sister Hildenbrand is AWESOME! She seriously is just the best - her only sister got married on Saturday in Rexburg and she didn't even let it show that it was distracting her or bothering her, but I know deep down it totally was. How could it not? If it was MY only sister getting married without letting me be there, I'd be really sad! (Take note, Allie!) :) But she's a real trooper and she got to talk to her whole family yesterday- (including new brother-in-law who she met for the first time) via skype. That was a real blessing to be able to talk to them about their big day the day right after. It was a real blessing for me to get to talk to my family yesterday too. I love you and miss you all!
Thanks for all the support and for your prayers!
Sister Palmer

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