May 30, 2012

I'm 22! Weird!!!

Katie's 22nd Birthday Picture with
Sister Hildenbrand
I really do feel like I'm turning into an old lady - it does NOT help that we decided to do lunges yesterday so I woke up super sore.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, cards, and packages!! I really do have the best family in the WORLD!!

So, good news! I'm not transferring! Neither is Sister Hildenbrand! Crazy news is that we're going to become a threesome! Weird!

I bet you can guess who sent her the
awesome mustaches for her birthday!
Elder Bingham (one of the elderly elders) who's in charge of furniture and cars and such brought a load of stuff (bed, desk, chairs, extra dishes) yesterday and our apartment is definitely a lot more cluttered. We're going to be bumper buddies when we're saying our prayers before we go to bed, but we'll have fun! Sister Rivera will be moving from Boston to here. She's been out for 3 transfers I think and is a fireball. She went on exchanges with Sister Hildenbrand when I went with Sister Figureda in Boston. Her family is from Honduras so she knows her Spanish (it will be nice to have someone around to always be able to ask questions to) but she grew up mostly in New York City. We're excited to see how it goes - we'll go to transfer meeting tomorrow and I'll let you know how it goes next Monday :)

I have to tell you about Gabby - she is from Guatamala and is SUPER DE DUPER!! When she lived in Guatamala - all her friends were members and she was at the church ALL the time - she even graduated from seminary I think. Her dad just didn't want her to get baptized. So, she moved to the states 10 years ago and has been kind of passively looking for the church, but didn't find it. A few weeks ago she was talking to her cousin and her cousin got her information and she was going to send missionaries her way. So, the elders go knocking on the apartment right below her (because they're members) and she thought they were looking for her so she stopped and talked to them. And now we are teaching her - she is really excited! She really wants to come to church and to institute and is even way willing to change her work schedule so she can come (even though it's going to be really hard). We are so excited for her!

We still haven't gotten a hold of Rosa...but we still have faith!

The rest of this week has been pretty low key. We're just doing what we do. Oh yeah! We got to go to the temple on Monday - it was open for the Memorial Day Holiday and only our zone and Cambridge South were allowed to go - we're so lucky! It was awesome! It was nice to not have to get up super early and just get there, well rested and ready to receive some spiritual nourishment.

Our zone is going to change SO much this transfer! One of the Portuguese Elders, Elder Stone, is taking Elder Paredes' spot as zone leader because he's headed home to Utah. So, we're getting a new Portuguese elder, Elder Campos is transferring, Elder Haggard is going home to Australia and his companion is getting switched from Spanish to English so we'll have a whole new companionship in Revere. Sister Hales is STILL in Revere - her third transfer with Sister Henderson. At the end of this transfer she will have spent 11 months of her mission in Revere - so crazy!

We're getting a new Spanish sister from Vernal! How crazy is that! Sister Sadie McKee - now there will be 3 of us crazy Vernalites running around speaking Spanish here in Massachusetts - I think she's going to be trained by Sister Love in Providence Rhode Island.

As I am really working on recognizing the Spirit, I have been having a lot of cool experiences. I'm super stoked about this transfer! Things are looking up for Lynn.

LOVE YOU!! Thanks again for the Birthday wishes!

-Sister Palmer

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