Jan 22, 2013

January 7, 2013 Letter


So, it's official...well, in my journal it's still not official because I still keep putting 2012 instead of 2013 - but by the rest of the world's standards, it's a brand new year!! Woohoo!! I'm excited to hear what everyone's new years resolutions are (or as Elder Neilson would call them - New Years Revolutions). I'm still fine tuning the long term goals for my year, but I have a few things that I really want to work on that I'm very excited about. My goals revolve around the idea that I will work towards being the kind of person that I've always wanted to be. Sounds pretty straight-forward and even pretty "duh! no-brainer!" but I've realized that now is the time to start living like the person I want to be.

So that is what I will do. I want to be kinder and more loving. I want to know and love the scriptures. I want to always have a prayer in my heart.

So, this week has been pretty eventful. What with the late night new years party (don't worry, we missionaries were not invited :) and our zone meeting and we even had some fun exchanges! I got to serve in Connecticut for 24 hours - cool, eh?

I don't even know where to start. So many great stories.

We've been working with a completely inactive member this week. His name is Eddy. His wife is a member and has been active in the church for the last year or so. they have two adorable kids that come each week as well. Eddy is just LAZY!! He stopped coming to church because it didn't really catch his attention. So, since he seems to really like meeting with us, we are going over every day to read the scriptures there with their family. It's actually been really cool. We've only gone a few times but each time we go he and his wife take turns asking a question and we try to find an answer. I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!! One of his questions was, "How can I be a better father?" and we read 1 Nephi chapter 3. He realized that he needs to be a better example to his kids like Lehi was to Nephi. I don't think he quite grasped that being a good example means obeying all the commandments like GOING TO CHURCH!! But at least he's on to something. I love their family. Hna. Miriam is so sweet.

I got to eat lobster for the first time in my life! And it was DELICIOUS! A less active member that the elders have been working with invited us all over to eat "Langosta" The member, Rene (a guy), is super smart and a really great cook. He's just basically soaks up every bit of information that comes his way. He also has some hook-ups with some fishermen around here...so he made us lobster. Delish! "We got to play with our food too!"

I was listening to a CES fireside from Elder Christofferson this week. It was from last year I think and it was all about using the time we have right now. I really like listening to his talk. Especially as I think about this time for change in a brand new year. I realized that I must make goals for the future but make sure my actions today lead me towards attaining said goals.

I got to go on exchanges from Friday to Saturday - I went with Sister Ford to Waterford CT and had a grand time! We taught some lessons and did some sweet service. The sisters there live with members - Bill and Mary Weseman (AKA Pops and Sweetie...don't ask me where the names came from). They are adorable and very kind and giving. It was amazing to learn about all they have done for the missionary work in their area. They have pretty much dedicated their lives to the missionary work in that area for the last 10 years or so. Also, it was a very nice change to actually get to see the stars at night.

I love you all bunches and bunches and BUNCHES!! More than I could ever type.

Peace be with you!

Sister Palmer

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