Jan 22, 2013

January 22, 2013 Letter

HOLA again!!!

I honestly don't know what to say...

And I only have 5 minutes.

I'm getting worse and worse at managing my time!

We got to go visit a couple of adorable Ecuadorian members. El Hermano is 83 years old and La hermana is 79 or something. They are seriously the cutest couple ever!! Getting a chance to visit with them and finding out their stories was actually very inspiring for me. I really loved listening to their conversions and all the missionary experiences they've had. Hno. Diaz is pretty hard of hearing and moves around pretty slow but when he talks, he has the spirit with him, and he speaks from the heart with so much passion for the gospel. They're members of 50+ years and truly love the Lord.

I realized that I'm going home pretty soon...not so cool! I'm getting really attached to the ward here in Providence and we're starting to find a lot of opportunities to find investigators through the members. I love working so closely with the members and it's really teaching me how to be a better member missionary in the not terribly distant future.

I have 41 seconds left on the computer. Sorry this is so epic-ly lame! LOVES!!

Sister Palmer

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