Jan 22, 2013

January 14, 2013 Letter

Hey there ya'll!! So, once again, I have used my time unwisely. Well, not so unwisely. I started out writing personal responses to emails and just didn't spend any time writing a big email...and now my companions are waiting for me...patiently, but still. I don't want to impose on their kindness.

Oh yes, you may have noticed that I said companions...that is is because we are now the 3 amigas!! "My little buttercup..." Just kidding!

So, long story short, Sister Henderson and I are training!!! WOOT!! Sister Bradshaw just got here on Thursday - it was a shocker for everyone. President let us know not long after he found out last Tuesday. So, we made some arrangements, got another bed, and drove up to the mission home on Thursday to welcome her to the mission! She's amazing! She had been home for a couple of months after she finished her 9 weeks in the MTC because she needed a hip surgery. But the doctor cleared her and she suddenly got a call on Tuesday that she was leaving. Surprise!!

The ward was very surprised when we showed up on Sunday with 3 of us :) Good things is that they all wanted to treat her to a nice meal so our dinner calender is filling up fast! But after her first meal with a member yesterday, she has realized that it might be filling up too fast. We got hammered with food yesterday! But it was delish :)

The thing that I have learned this week is something from PMG - in chapter 4 it says that Yielding to temptation drives away the Spirit. It's true!!

Something super fun that I've been doing is that I started writing down 3 blessings each day at the beginning of my journal entries - keeps me looking for really happy and wonderful things! Yay!

We had FHE last night with Felix and Norena - they're investigators but they're basically members. They're super awesome - we let them teach the lesson for the first time and they did a great job! We ended up going around the circle and just baring our testimonies. It was really awesome to hear about their conversion stories and share in a very special spiritual experience with them.

Well, that's all for now folks! Love yous!!!
Sister Katie

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