Apr 18, 2012

HAPPY EASTER!! (o Feliz Dia de la resurreccion!)

(Here is last week's letter.  Sorry it is late.)

Well, yesterday was Easter! Cool, eh?! We had a really awesome day! Not only did I get to munch on a chocolate bunny before church, but we got to focus our attention on the importance of the Savior's Resurrection. I was asked last minute to give a talk this last Sunday in our branch about the Resurrection and it gave me an incredible opportunity to really delve into the real meaning behind Easter and it's importance in my life as a child of God. I am so incredibly grateful that a loving, kind, and merciful Father in Heaven provided the way for us and that Christ was willing to make such great sacrifices in our behalf. We are so blessed!

I was reading in the April Ensign this morning - I read the talk about the Atonement by Elder Bednar (you should all read it! It's long but super awesome!). It offered a lot of incredible insights about the importance of the Atonement in helping the good become better and not just helping the bad become good. I know that I can take more advantage of the grace that has been offered me by the Savior's Atonement.

Last Monday we went to Harvard!! Harvard is something that I grew up hearing about and thinking about, but until last week, I really didn't know what that meant. Now, I have a little bit more of an idea - I at least have some sort of a picture to associate with the name anyway. It was really incredible to just walk through Harvard Yard and see all the smart people and the old buildings. I wouldn't mind being a student at Harvard for a day or two :)

On the train back home I met a girl that looks really scary like a girl I knew in the piano program at Utah State - Emily Bailey. But this girl's name was Bo and she's from Philly...so I doubt they're related, though you never know. She insisted that she doesn't have any ties to Utah, so I guess that's a super long shot. But it was really fun to talk to her and get some ideas of fun little places to go near Revere and Lynn.

Funny story! I got my package with my camera in it on Thursday in the morning. We were doing weekly planning that day so we were home until 3:00 or 4:00ish finishing up. Sister Hildenbrand said, jokingly, "check outside to see if there are any other packages!" So, I opened the door, expecting to see nothing. But I opened the door and stopped. "What is it?" Sister Hildenbrand asked from across the room. "We...we BOTH have packages!" It was SUPER awesome! We had both gotten Easter packages from our parents on the exact same day. Woohoo! We grabbed them and hurried back inside to open them quickly before we had to be in Salem.

We got to help two members this week get signed up on New Family Search to start doing their genealogy. It was so exciting! Neither of them had anything to start out with but now they can start adding names and searching family so that their families can have the saving ordinances of the gospel. How amazing is that! It's a super important part of missionary work that I hadn't really thought much about before this week - probably because my amazing grandparents have been go-getters about it so much that I haven't felt the need to get super involved in family history. But now, I'm really excited to help with the search when I come back home.

Well, I've got to sign off - we have a sports day in Cambridge going on that we are going to be late to as it is.

I love you all!!

All my love,
Hermana Kate

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