Apr 30, 2012

It's REALLY Spring Here!

On Tuesday this last week, we walked outside and just felt like everything had gotten really green overnight! Everything is just super green and bloomy. Pollen's pretty high, but thankfully it hasn't bothered me too much.
Life is great in Massachusetts! Although I will be honest, our mailbox has been very bare the last two weeks...the work is going forth and things are good.
We actually have an investigator who is progressing! We are so excited! Her name is Rosa. We've been teaching her for a couple weeks, but we've been praying that she would be able to come to church yesterday - she usually tends her two granddaughters on the weekends and doesn't feel like
she can take care of both of them during church and feel comfortable becoming familiar with something so new. So, miracle! We went on Saturday, and she had had to work on Saturday, so the grandkids didn't come at all this weekend! She was able to come to church!! YAY!!! She seemed to really like church and her comments during Gospel Principles class made me feel like she was really starting to gain her own testimony and recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost in her life. We are so excited for her!!
Sister Hildenbrand and I pinkie promised each other yesterday that we were going to speak only Spanish to one another! So far, so good! We have to remind each other every once in a while, but we've been doing really well. I think this will really help our Spanish to improve so that our investigators don't get so focused on helping us and correcting our Spanish and they can focus more on the message that we're bringing.
I had to start a new journal this week - I had bought a huge journal at the MTC thinking that it would take me my whole mission to fill it...and now it's completely full. This little one I found will probably only last me a month or two and then I'll have to find another one. It will just be a continuous search for new journals I think :) It does make me happy that I've been making time each day to keep a record of the things I'm learning and the experiences I don't want to forget. It's worth it to have to find more journals I think.
My companion is just the best! We are always making each other laugh because of something or other. This week we had a good laugh over this ridiculous gummy eyeball that Bianca gave us on Tuesday when we went to New Beginnings. We got this hilarious text from a member - she was asking us what we wanted for dinner. We told her we would eat anything but shrimp and milk (Sister Hildenbrand is alergic to both of those). So she texted back, "That's just what I was going to serve! Shrimp in milk!" and we laughed SO hard! We have both realized that we're going to be super weird after the mission. The silliest things put us in fits of laughter and we find things amusing that probably wouldn't be that amusing under the context of every day life.
Well, I love ya'll! I heard that Andrew is leaving on the mish - wish him good luck for me! He's going to love learning Spanish! It's the best!!
-Sister Palmer
On the train over the Charles' River heading to Cambridge last Monday to wander around Harvard area again

Sister Sylvia Sanchez! She's in the stake yw presidency and she came to New Beginnings on Tuesday. I never got a picture with her, so I took advantage of her being here. I had forgotten until now that once I went to her house and met her parents. Her parents told me that their other daughter (she would have been Sister Garcia) went on a mission to San Francisco or somewhere in Cali and had a companion named Sister Palmer who she absolutely adored! I was wondering if maybe it was Aunt Maralee...I don't know where she served though. That would be cool though :)

La Familia Garcia - not related to the above mentioned. Gwyneth, Hna. Garcia, and Glendryth with Princess and Sparky nestled inbetween - Princess is about to have puppies soon - that's why she looks a little sad :) 

I love cookie dough!

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