Apr 2, 2012


General Conference was so GREAT!!!! Don't you agree?!?!

We had a hard time watching the first and last sessions. We were supposed to go to the chapel in Revere to see the whole thing, but we had some serious technical difficulties during the first session because both Spanish and English were broadcasting in Cambodian - it was great for the one Cambodian elder that could actually understand Cambodian, but his rather green companion couldn't even understand. Once they finally got it going, Spanish was working much better than English that kept cutting out. So, we watched basically the whole first session in Spanish and it was SO cool that I could totally understand it, and feel the spirit during it too. Only bummer was that I couldn't hear the apostles' and prophet's voices and my notes are seriously some crazy Spanglish going on, but it was good.

We went and watched the Saturday afternoon session in Lynnfield with the zone leaders and some members there and then yesterday they had things working in Revere so we went to Revere for the morning session. It was SOOO fun to see a bunch of members from the Revere ward! I didn't realize just how much I missed them. It was also super great to see Denia, Freddie, Scarlett, and Jiselle all there!!! They're a family that Hna. Hales and I started teaching a couple weeks after I got here to Massachusetts. I love them!! It's so cool that they were there and that they're really starting to progress. Yay!!

Yesterday afternoon we were invited to the Canon's house in Malden to have lunch and watch the afternoon session with their family. It was super fun! We've never been to their house before because it's so far away - they're called to serve in the branch. So, we got to go and eat some delicious chicken, salad, mashed potatoes, and sugar cookies (sometimes it's actually refreshing to eat more familiar food with members). Then we got to watch the session with them - it was cool because a lot of those talks were about the family and we got to be there first hand watching the Canon's take care of and teach their two little children (2 years and 9 or 10 months old - with another on the way! How fun!). It made me miss my family a little smidge, but I take lots of comfort in the eternal nature of the family :)

That really was the highlight of our week. We tried to get some investigators to come to general conference, but I'm interested to see if anyone at least checked out part of it online.

My favorite experience of this week was with a super cool family. We were trying to visit a potential investigator on Thursday but she wasn't home. But, as we were waiting to find out we were waiting on the second floor landing of this house and the woman living on the second floor was about to start mopping. So, we talked for a few minutes and it was apparent that she has been really searching for a church to go to. She just moved here with her family from the Dominican Republic two months ago and really wanted to come to church this Sunday. We explained about general conference and then came back to visit her and her four daughters and her nephew and taught them a lesson! They were super receptive and accepted a baptismal date. We even had a member with us and her testimony was super amazing. It was super awesome!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!

-Sister Katie

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