Apr 2, 2012


Sidenote from Mom...this is Kate's letter from March 26th.

LIFE IS SO GREAT!!!! It really is though...

Earlier last week, the weather here was SO incredibly hot! I was getting really scared because we had a couple of days in the 80's! I was thinking to myself, "how on earth am I going to survive summer if spring is already this hot?!" Luckily, the last couple of days it's been more cloudy and rainy.

I love this gospel! I'm so grateful for a perfect plan and for the opportunity we have to share that plan with others. We have really been trying to find some new investigators and we have found that our members have been giving us more referrals lately which has been a treat as we've been working closer with them.

I'm so excited for general conference this weekend! It is going to be an adventure trying to understand everything in Spanish, but we're excited to try and get our investigators and less-active members to come with us to watch it.

There is just so much I could write - it's hard to know what to choose...especially in 7 minutes or less. So...I will tell you about our zone meeting last Friday. Hna. Hildenbrand and I were in charge of doing a role play with contacting and the theme of, "Being Real." So, we decided to put a twist on something we did in the MTC and had speed contacting. It was SO fun! We had all the companionships make two circles, one companion on the inside circle and one in an outside circle. They took turns being the contactee and the missionary as they rotated around and we let them choose their own situations and give them 30 seconds to do the contact or the beginning of the contact. Then every couple of contacts we would ask them to relate what they're talking about to the restoration. It was really awesome to hear how everyone would do things differently. When we stopped to talk about it, a REALLY awesome discussion ensued practically undriven by either of us, everyone just started talking about the things they learned and what they can do better. Everyone really loved it (which was a huge relief because we really only started planning it that morning...haha!).

So, we have started to get a lot of service opportunities - as of late, I've been helping play the piano while the primary practice to sing in the stake conference on April 15th. We've already had two practices and it's coming along. It's really rejuvinating to be around children and watch them try to be all mischievous and whatnot. 

Well, my session is ending in less than a minute. We're going to find another place to email later in the day so I will talk to you more soon. LOVES!!

-Hna. Kate

So, part two:
I am SOOOOOO excited for general conference this weekend! Aren't you?! I'm especially excited to see how many investigators/inactive members come. We get to watch it in Spanish. I'm kind of nervous to watch it in Spanish because I'm not sure I'll get as much out of it, but I'm still super stoked!
I had mangoo for the first time and it was actually really delish. Basically it's just boiled and mashed green plantains mixed with onions sauteed in oil, salt, and a little bit of vinegar. It sounds not that appetizing, but it's pretty good. We got it served with fried eggs, fried cheese, and some sort of cow meat. Yum!
We had some changes in our branch yesterday. We changed up the first counselor and the secretary - I was worried how everyone would take it (branch drama!) but it went REALLY well and now there's another couple serving in the branch that we're excited to get to know.
...I realized I don't really have all that much to say so this is the end of this super-long-non-informative email :) LOVE YOU!!!
-Hna. Katie

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