Jun 4, 2012


So, it's only been a few days since we have talked. Not too much time, but plenty has happened. I am very excited to announce that we actually have 5 baptismal dates scheduled! now, whether or not they will go through, only the spirit can say, but I really am excited to maybe see some serious progress here in Lynn. Our fairly recently found investigator, Gabby, even came to institute with us on Friday and is working fearlessly to get her work schedule changed so she can come to church every week.

Our new companion, Sister Rivera, is quite the shining star - she has SO many clothes and SO much perfume and makeup and whatnot - she did drive here though because she came from New York so she had a lot more luggage than we were allowed to come with. She even left all her winter clothes at a member's house in boston :) I really do love her though - she is going to be just what Lynn needs. We need someone to help liven up the place and she does that with ease. Having three of us to please and look after is kind of tricky sometimes, but we're learning and having fun. having three of us makes it super easy to go on splits so we are goign to have lots of member-present lessons.

Well, I am going to have to get going - we're late for basketball! I LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Palmer

p.s. I seriously had the best birthday EVER!! Sister Payano and Maria Rudas found out (via facebook) that my birthday was on Wednesday so the surprised me with pizza and a cake! it was AWESOME!! We also had some amazing Lynn adventures - I'll have to try to update you later. LOVES!

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