Jun 20, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

So, sorry. This is going to be super short. I'm sure it will be a welcomed break from all my novel-length emails though, right?
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY YESTERDAY!! I'm glad Dad got his letter in time :) I sure do love you Daddy! I also love all my uncles and grandparents and those other great examples of fathers out there - thanks for all you do for your families!
It seems as though summer is in full swing and that we are going to enjoy some sweet warm weather. It hasn't been too muggy here the last week - it's been a little chilly in the mornings which is awesome because we can open the window and let in some cool air before it gets hot during the rest of the day. Sadly, we haven't been able to go running outside, but we're learning to be creative inside and we're using some gallons jugs of water, stretchy bands, and whatever else we can find to try and get some strength and flexibility in. We can't do much for cardio because our downstairs neighbors don't like our jumping around and running in place too much :)
Last week for p-day we ended up going to Boston and just hanging around. We went to a cool sports store that had a shoe outlet downstairs. I almost bought some sweet nikes but decided against it. We got to walk through a bit of the Boston Common and I got to go to Al Capone's for the first time (pizza and sub place kind of close to Macy's that used to be a super big missionary hang-out place apparently). We also saw a cool music group performing. You should look them up if you can - Tall Heights. We didn't stay too long to listen because we kind of felt guilty, but they were super good :) Today we were going to go to the Aquarium, but none of the 6 libraries that are in our vicinity have passes still. Bummer! So, we're just going to go bum around in Boston. Maybe go to H&M and whatnot.
This transfer is turning out to be a school in communication for me. I am trying really hard to learn how to communicate how I feel in a constructive way while keeping in mind other people's points of views. I may have thought, at one point, that I was okay with that, but it turns out I have a lot to learn still.
So, we've got a baptism scheduled for this Sunday. Woot! 2 children (one who we've had to teach because he's 9) and our investigator Maritza. We're going to talk to her tonight to make sure she's done with coffee so she can be ready, but we're super excited for her. She came to the activity on Saturday (Father's Day Dinner - it was sweet!) and to church on Sunday and is really excited. She was telling a bunch of people on Sunday after church about her baptism.
So, we had a father's day dinner on Saturday - the relief society went totally overboard and decked out the whole chapel and had TONS of delicious food - carne asada and marinaded chicken with rice, salads, tortillas, fruit, and cake/ice cream. I think that we had a huge success because we just about had more less active and nonmembers come than members :) We had a busy night of introducing people to one another and trying to help people mingle and have a good time, but it turned out really fun. Yay!
Sister Hildenbrand's birthday is tomorrow! Woot! Now we're both going to be 22! We're so old :)
Hugs, Kisses, and many Thanks!
-Sister Katie

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