Jun 26, 2012

It's super rainy and delightful!!

I love you family! I have really enjoyed taking my time to reply to almost all of my emails today. I am so lucky to have such a supportive family and good friends. I've received a lot of exciting news from many places which just makes me really happy inside that such good things are going on.

I have had a super super great week that was ended with a really special baptism. Ezekiel was baptized yesterday :) Yay! Some stuff came up with Maritza this last week and so she didn't get baptized but just really wants to prepare more and be even more ready for her baptism. I was so glad she came to church yesterday still! It made me super duper happy! Anyway, about half of the branch turned out for the baptism and though the service wasn't as smooth as possible, it wasn't too bad and one of our investigators was able to come - Gabby. She's still working toward her own baptism later this month and seems eager to continue learning. She thought the service yesterday was really neat and had a good experience.

To me, there really is nothing more special than a child making the conscious decision to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. It marks the beginning of a life long journey toward the most important blessing we can ever hope to receive - eternal life. To be there and witness Ezekiel's baptism was such a tender mercy. The spirit just enveloped the room as he went down into the water and came up clean. He gets confirmed next Sunday in church :)

Speaking of baptisms, I heard one of my crazy cousins is getting baptized this week. I'm so excited for you Bennion!

Apart from that, I am just finding a lot of happiness in working really hard.

I just feel so happy today! Life is really good! There is so much I would love to write, but we've been for almost two hours and should probably get going.

my session's getting cut short. Love you!!

-Sister Kate

So, to finish up the email that got very abruptly interrupted, I wanted to tell you about Saturday. Saturday I had possibly THE busiest day EVER in my whole life! We had to leave early to go to an appointment before lunch with a member, and the day was just on fire. So many opportunities opened up and we were able to go on splits for a few hours too. In total, we had 9 lessons!! We had 4 investigator lessons with a member present! It was absolutely incredible! Bianca came with us (she's about to turn 20 and is preparing for a mission in a year - she loves to come out with us) and we had a really productive day.

Probably my favorite part was a lesson we had with this 16 year old girl named Jenny. We taught her the Restoration once a couple weeks ago but it didn't sink in and she hasn't read in the Book of Mormon at all. So, we did a review and about half way through, she really started to get it! It was so exciting! She was asking, "well, why are all these churches, like Catholic, and Adventist, and Evangelist, so different? Shouldn't there be one religion that's right for all people? They all worship the same God, right?" She could really identify with Joseph Smith.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here.

I love and miss you all! Mucho amor y oracion!

Sister Katie

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